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Cannabis consumers show greater susceptibility to false memories

Consumers of cannabis are more prone to experiencing false memories. One of the known consequences of consuming this drug is the memory problems it can cause. Chronic consumers show more difficulties than the general population in retaining new information and recovering memories. The new study also reveals that the chronic ...

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For many years now DPA has worked to delegitimize the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We’ve fought to reduce its power and influence, make agency staff think twice about speaking out against reform, and ultimately overhaul or eliminate the DEA.

Many, many thanks to all our supporters who helped us get the head of the DEA fired
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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

Eclipse Farm-Ecology Blue Dream Marijuana Wax Extract Review

I remember the first time I smoked the Blue Dream marijuana strain. I was in Portland at a buddy’s garden who grew Blue Dream to perfection. It was in flower form. The smell of the Blue Dream strain is very distinct, and is hard to describe in words. It’...

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