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Smoking marijuana may cause early puberty and stunts growth in boys

Boys who smoke marijuana go through puberty earlier but grow more slowly than those who have never smoked the drug according to a new study.

Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Reform Draconian Marijuana Possession Law

Lawmakers in Louisiana took a major step toward reforming the state’s harsh marijuana possession law when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to reform the state’s harsh marijuana possession law. If passed, Louisiana would join the growing number of states that have recently reduced penalties for small amounts of marijuana.

“This is a long-sought opportunity to take a more compassionate and commonsense approach to marijuana,”  said Yolande Cadore, director of strategic partnerships at the Drug Policy Alliance. “Louisiana's overdue for a major overhaul of its drug policies and ...

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

Arkansas Veterans Rally For Medical Marijuana Tomorrow

I came across the following press release, in case you are in the area: What & Why: Arkansas veterans are rallying to raise local awareness of PTSD and a medicine they think can help—medical cannabis. Nationwide, 22 veterans take their own lives every day due to PTSD. Medical cannabis can help ...

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