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Teens with medical marijuana cards much likelier to say they're addicted, but few teens have them

Teens using marijuana for medical reasons are 10 times more likely to say they are hooked on marijuana than youth who get marijuana illegally, a new study shows. The study is the first to report on a nationally representative sample of 4,394 high school seniors and their legal or illegal medical marijuana ...

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The Murders Don't Stop - War on Drugs Responsible for Outrageous Death Toll in Mexico

When I first shook hands with Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval this winter outside of the Mexican Consulate in NYC, images of my one of my favorite tios sprung to mind, creating an immediate sense of kinship towards the short, mustachioed Mexican professor.  De La Cruz Sandoval, thousands of miles from his home in Ayotzinapa, Mexico

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Eclipse Farm-Ecology OG Kush Marijuana Strain BHO Review

I absolutely love the OG Kush marijuana strain. It’s a strain that has been around for quite awhile, and is popular just about anywhere and everywhere. No one knows for sure the origins of the OG Kush strain (although I’m sure many will debate this in the comments, ...

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