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Cannabis consumers show greater susceptibility to false memories

Consumers of cannabis are more prone to experiencing false memories. One of the known consequences of consuming this drug is the memory problems it can cause. Chronic consumers show more difficulties than the general population in retaining new information and recovering memories. The new study also reveals that the chronic ...

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Barry Bonds Case Overturned: War on Drugs Strikes Out

The government tried to find baseball slugger Barry Bonds guilty of illegal steroid use, but came up short despite their herculean effort to convict him. The best they did was come up with a guilty plea in 2011 on one count of obstruction of justice which was just overturned by a U.S. Appeals Court this week.

During ...

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)

Get $100 Off Registration To The Biggest Marijuana Industry Event Of The Year

The marijuana industry is the gold rush of this generation. People are scrambling to get in on the action, but many don’t know how. For those that are already in the industry, they no doubt want to expand their business and make more money. But those things are easier ...

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